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Chunky, delicious cookies
We spent a lot of time developing our unique style of cookies for you to enjoy
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Bohemian Raspberry Party Cake
980,00 kr
Ode To Rocher Party Cake
980,00 kr
Red Head Party Cake
980,00 kr
Cookie Monster Party Cake
980,00 kr
The Caramel Queen
980,00 kr
Eat Me! Party Cake
1.180,00 kr

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We are Soulcake!

Handmade & Fresh

All products that leave the kitchen are made from scratch based on our own recipes. Early every morning, the world's best cupcake team sets about baking to ensure the goods live up to the Soulcake standard of perfection.

Ingredients of the highest quality

We do our very best to use ingredients of the highest quality, and preferably Norwegian produced goods.For us, taste is the most important thing, which is reflected in the raw materials we use.

The Worlds Best Team

We are proud of our exceptional team where everyone shares the passion for cream cheese, sweet flavors and cool cakes.The team works hard every single day to ensure that every product that leaves our kitchen contributes to a slightly better day for you!