Cafe Manager - Steen & Strøm

We have an exciting position available for a Cafe Manager in our Café at Steen & Strøm!

We are looking for a motivated, experienced and friendly individual, with experience working in the industry, who can lead up our cafe at Steen & Strøm. This is a fantastic opportunity to work in a fun & friendly environment, surrounded by a great collective of people.

Application Deadline: Friday 21st June

The ideal candidate would have the following characteristics:

  • Experience working in the industry, ideally in a management role
  • Ideally the candidate will have a valid Serverings bevilling (serving licence). If the candidate does not have this, they will need to obtain it during the first 2 months of employment.
  • Must be highly organised and efficient
  • Strong customer service skills and a friendly attitude

If this sounds like the right role for you, please complete the application form below.